API.Run Jan 2019 Launch

On January 7th 2019 we are releasing the API.Run, our Microservice/API tool-set for creating Mock Microservices/API, global monitoring of Microservices/API and databases as-well as our Microservice/API documentation sharing platform.

As we get closer to launch we will post videos, and update here on features that are part of the API.Run tool-set, and how they work. Including comparisons to existing products on the market that are similar as a point of reference for our users.

Currently our release schedule is as follows:

  • Jan 7th: First public release of API.Run
  • Feb 4th: Standalone release of Document System (no longer just APIs)
  • March 4th: Something special will be released, yet to be announced

And of course we are doing monthly updates to our released tools.